The following presentations were made at symposiums of the Academy of Masonic Knowledge. For information on upcoming meetings and presentations, please visit the symposiums page.

March 2024 Presentations

Bro. Brett A. Gordon
Heraldry in Masonry: A Story in Symbols

Bro. Ralph C. Shelton, II
Magic – and Affinity – in Masonry

October 2023 Presentations

Bro. Tyler Dow Whittaker
Operative Masonry in a Speculative World

Bro. Chris Ruli
Freemasonry and the American Presidency

March 2023 Presentations

The March 2023 event was held in conjunction with the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia. As such, this was an exclusive event and the recordings are not planned to be posted at this time.

October 2022 Presentations

Bro. David J. Hosler
Building Servant Leaders

Bro. Thomas A. Worrel
An Early Unknown Esoteric Order of Freemasonry

March 2022 Presentations

Bro. Mohamad A. Yatim
Freemasonry and the Mystic Schools of the East

Bro. Adam Goldman
The Feasts of the Holy Saints John and Freemasonry’s Dark North

October 2021 Presentations

Bro. Chic Cicero
Light in Extension: The Masonic Roots of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn 

W. Bro. Piers A. Vaughan
An Introduction to Martinism and Its Spiritual Relationship to Freemasonry

Ms. Tabatha Cicero
The Tarot: An Esoteric Review

October 2019 Presentations

R.W. Bro. David Tucker
The Cardinal Virtues of Freemasonry


Ms. Geraldine Beskin
John Yarker: Victorian Freemason

March 2019 Presentations

Bro. Alan Casalou
Freemasonry Through Three Centuries: How do the first three centuries of Masonry inform the modern Mason on the current and future state of the fraternity?


Mr. John Goldsmith
Makers of Lodge Paraphernalia:  The DeMoulin Bros. Story

October 2018 Presentations

Bro. Tyler Anderson
Uninvited Guests: How the Klan Tried to Usurp American Fraternal Culture (and What Freemasonry Did About It)


Bro. John Michael Greer
Freemasonry and the Secret Societies

March 2018 Presentations

Bro. Ric Berman
Foundations: New Light on the Formation and Early Years of the Grand Lodge of England
The 2016 Prestonian Lecture


Bro. Adam Kendall
The Geometry of Mystery: Ancient Egypt, Freemasonry, and Secret Societies

October 2017 Presentations

Bro. Michael Poll
The Enlightenment of Freemasonry

Bro. John Bridegroom
Freemasonry as a Hermetic Philosophy

March 2017 Presentations

Bro. Ben Williams
The Sun at High Meridian: On the History of the Discovery of the Longitude

Bro. E. Oscar Alleyne
Exploring the relationship between French Companionship and Freemasonry

October 2016 Presentations

Dr. Heather Calloway
Forgotten Treasures: Freemasonry’s Collections and Material Culture

Bro. John Hairston
Landmarks of our Fathers: A Critical Analysis of the Start and Origin of African Lodge No. 1

Bro. Christopher Murphy
The Tavern Myth: Reassessing Early Lodge Culture

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