Completing a level of the Masonic Scholar program takes significant work and effort. Listed here are the Master Masonic Scholars recognized by the Academy.


Pennsylvania Masons who complete all three certification levels and attain the designation of “Master Masonic Scholar” will be presented a collar and jewel that can be worn to any Masonic meeting.

Master Masonic Scholars

Yasser A. Al-Khatib, Fritz Lodge No. 308
Herbert C. Archdeacon, Concordia Lodge No. 67 (deceased)
Benjamin G. Baird,
Peter B. Widener Lodge No. 671
Paul D. Baltzer, Eureka Lodge No. 366
Francis J. Bell, University Lodge No. 51
Daniel J. Benny, Brownstone Lodge No. 666
Russell L. Bland, Fritz Lodge No. 308
William L. Britton, Cumberland Valley No. 315
Charles S. Canning, Jordan Lodge No. 673
David H. Coyle, George M. Dallas No. 531
M. Vincent Cruciani, Union Lodge No. 291
Theodore S.J. Davi, Philanthropy Lodge No. 225
John R. Dinkel, St. James Lodge No. 457
Anthony J. Dintino, III, St. Alban’s Lodge No. 529
Robert A. DiPalma, Sr., Bluestone Lodge No. 338
William L. Frankhouser, Howell Lodge No. 405
Thomas Fewer, Shiloh-MacCalla Lodge No. 558
Matthew W. Gallagher, Concordia Lodge No. 67
Thomas E. Glidden, Abraham C. Treichler Lodge No. 682 (deceased)
Robert A. Goodman, Brownstone Lodge No. 666
Shawn M. Gorley, New Wilmington Lodge No. 518
Jerry J. Hamilton, Southampton Radiant Star Lodge No. 806
Raymond J. Hartman, Lodge No. 106
George R. Haynes, Columbia Lodge No. 91
Brendan Hickey, Thomson No. 340
Larry D. Horath, Henry M. Phillips Lodge No. 337
Robert D. Hukill, North Star Lodge No. 241
Thomas W. Jackson, R.W.P.G.S., Cumberland Valley Lodge No. 315
Richard F. Kucera, Westmoreland Lodge No. 518
Erik W. Krogstad, St. John’s Lodge No. 115
Luis R. Lasa, W.K. Bray No. 410

Samuel S. Laucks, II, Red Lion No. 649
Michael E. Ludwig, Teutonia No. 367
Frank J. Melfi, III, Prospect Lodge No. 578
Walter Wm. Melnyk, Springfield-Hanby Lodge No. 767
Michael Mochan, Harry S. Truman No. 765
Michael Moran, Nicholson Lodge No. 438
Richard P. Mucahy, Titusville Lodge No. 754
Christian R. Mueller, Perry-Keystone No. 392
W. Scott Muller, Harford No. 445
Richard F. Muth, Lodge No. 457
Robert D. Nichol, Avalon Lodge No. 657
Adam T. Osman, Juniata Lodge No. 282
John W. Postlewait, Hobah Lodge No. 276
Drew R. Reed, Mt. Pisgah Lodge No. 443
Christopher Rhody, Chartiers Lodge No. 297
Christopher D. Rodkey, Mt. Lebanon Lodge No. 226
Douglas M. Rowe, Doylestown Lodge No. 245
Michael C. Sachs,  J. Simpson Africa Lodge  No. 628
James L. Sieber, Cumberland Valley Lodge No. 315
Floyd R. Sowers, Cumberland Valley Lodge No. 315
Peter M. Stenzhorn, Moscow Lodge No. 504
James M. Stephens, Lodge No. 43
W. Kenneth Stout Jr., Abraham C. Treichler Lodge No. 682 (deceased)
Robert E. Umbaugh, Cumberland Star Lodge No. 197
Thomas Vanderhoef, Canawacta Lodge No. 360
Francis A. Vicente, Lodge No. 126
Brian J. Wagner, Lodge No. 43
John L. Wagner, University No. 51
Gerald W. West, Perseverance Lodge No. 21
Samuel Yosen, Newtown Lodge No. 427

Level II Masonic Scholars

Leonard B. Altieri III, Community No. 744
Lawrence, K. Bray, Lodge No. 43
Robert L. Hobday, Columbia No. 286
Robert E. Hughes, Lodge No. 61
Jeremy R. Johnson, Mountain No. 281
Ryan A. Leaver, Warren No. 310
David A. Palanzo, Emmaus Lodge No. 792
Andrew Pozzuto, Sunset No. 623
Christopher Lee Rowan, Houseman Lodge No. 211
Barry Searle, Aurora No. 523
Jack H. Speece, Hiram No. 616

Level I Masonic Scholars

Robert W. Baer, Robert Burns Lodge No. 464
D. Todd Ballenger, Dallas No. 231
Bryan D. Belcher, Crawford No. 234
Timothy R. Brinkmeyer, Mountain No. 281
Edward T. Clifford, III, University No. 51
James J. Davis, Ivy No. 397
Thomas W. Fewer, Shiloh-MacCalla No. 558
Adam Holtzapple, Zeredatha No. 451
Robert J. Hughes III, Armstrong No. 239
Richard Ingham, John W, Jenks No. 534
Ryan Kolacek,Crawford No. 234
Robert C. Krebs, Bellefonte No. 268
Eric W. Krogstad, St. John’s No. 115
Joseph Miele, Spring-Ford Lodge No. 553
Charles L. Merris, Lamberton No. 476
Andrew Nightingale, Abraham C. Treichler No. 682
David Palanzo, Emmaus No.792
Edward D. Potter, Red Lion No. 649
James Proctor, St. John’s No. 260
Lance J. Stange, Union No. 291
Mark Summerville, Shenango Valley Lodge No. 810
Nicholas Vettese, St. John’s Lodge No. 115
Charles R. Wallace, Shenango Valley No. 810
Austin L. Wheat, Columbia No. 91
Christopher E. Wolf, Charles M. Howell No. 496

Per our policy, program participants who have not submitted any progression for 24 months are considered inactive and removed from the active scholars list.

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